Voip.com Launches Affiliate and Outside Sales Agent Program
By Camie Gontier
Published: October 4, 2006

Boca Raton, FL- October 1, 2006 – Voip.com is excited to announce the launch of its Affiliate and Outside Sales Agent program, featuring some of the best payout rates in the industry, flexible sales channel options, and a comprehensive affiliate support system.

Voip, or voice over IP, uses broadband Internet connections to carry voice traffic, instead of standard phone lines. Less expensive to implement and a more efficient use of resources, voip Internet phone service has garnered an enthusiastic response in the residential and business markets. Looking to the future, voip.com is well positioned to serve the more than 34 million new voip subscribers expected to inundate the market in the next five years.

There are three sales channel options and two payout structures built into voip.com's flexible Affiliate Program, as well as weekly commission checks, third party tracking, real-time sales and prospect reporting, and well-rounded marketing support resources.

Affiliates can choose the Online Internet Sales program, a Call Center option, or the Outside Sales Agent channel. Each one is fully supported with targeted marketing materials, custom branding elements, and a diverse web content base to draw from.

The Standard commission schedule includes three payout levels, based on the number of plans sold per week. Up to 10 pays out $20 for each Unlimited Monthly plan, $35 for Unlimited Yearly, $15 for the 600 Minute, and $10 for Unlimited In-State calling plans. 11 to 25 plans per week increases the payments to $30 for Unlimited Monthly, $45 for the Unlimited Yearly, $20 for a 600 Minute plan, and $15 for each Unlimited In-State plan. The last level, 26 to 50 weekly units, compensates affiliates $50 for each Unlimited Monthly plan, $70 per Unlimited Yearly plan, $30 for each 600 Minute option, and $25 per Unlimited In-State calling plan.

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