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Company Profile:
Voxvalley Technologies leverages their comprehensive set of award-winning VoIP Products and robust engineering and support processes to deliver the solutions that maximize revenue and customer loyalty for telecoms, VoIP service providers, and enterprises. The dedicated team of R&D engineers and designers are constantly working to keep products up-to-date with the latest available technology and features to serve current market needs.

Voxvalley Products:
  • MoSIP
  • MoSIP+
  • MoSIP Hybrid
  • MoSIP C5
  • Vox Switch
  • Vox Suite
  • Vox Bridge
  • MoSIP PC
  • Vox Transcoder

Products Description:

MoSIP: - Mobile VoIP Dialer: We provide comprehensive mobile VoIP solutions for VoIP Providers to manage their VoIP business efficiently. It also includes our white label branding solutions where providers can get customized mobile dialers as per their requirements.
  • It supports iOS, Android, Windows, Symbian and Blackberry.
  • Uses limited internet connectivity via 2G/3G/4G/Edge/GPRS/Wi-Fi.
  • Unlimited business opportunities to VoIP, ISP, MVNO, MVNE and TELCO businesses.
  • MoSIP+ Dialer is improved MoSIP with messaging tools such as IM & SMS for more sociable VoIP Communication.
  • It’s a cross-platform mobile app supporting OS such as iOS, Android, Windows, Symbian and Blackberry.
MoSIP Hybrid:
  • MoSIP Hybrid is a mobile dialer that enables IP calling and automates cellular dialing through calling cards.
  • MoSIP C5 is an IP PBX mobile client that includes the functionalities of PBX on the mobile device.
Vox Switch:
VoIP Softswitch: We provide comprehensive softswitch solutions via our proprietary application – Vox Switch. It has billing software and support functions such as Routing, Switching, Invoice & Billing, Report Generation, etc. All transactions carried out through Vox Switch are highly secure and are recorded for future use.
Vox Suite:
  • Vox Suite is a complete VoIP communication unit.
  • It integrates Voxvalley high-end products such as MoSIP, Vox Bridge, and Vox Switch apart from messaging functionalities.
Vox PBX:
IP PBX Solutions: We provide comprehensive IP PBX solutions via our proprietary application – Vox PBX.
Deployment modules available:
  • On- premise IP PBX Solution
  • Hosted IP PBX Solution
  • Multi-tenant IP PBX Solution
Vox Bridge:
  • A highly scalable VoIP tunneling software that delivers data encryption and compression to enhance quality of VoIP communication.
  • Vox PC is a PC Dialer for PC to PC & PC to Phone VoIP Calling.
Vox Transcoder:
  • Vox Transcoder is Voxvalley’s latest innovation to counter codec compatibility issues between softphone/app and VoIP softswitch.
Vox SIP Redirect:
  • Vox SIP Redirect is a highly scalable and reliable server that is specifically designed to reduce the load on SBCs/softswitches, enabling increased Calls-Per-Second and concurrent call capacity.
Vox UC:
  • Vox UC is an on-premise unified communications platform that enables businesses to reduce communication costs and maximize productivity.
Vox CCS:
  • This provisioning server allows the Service Provider or Enterprise IT Manager to control the installation and maintenance of an unlimited number of Mobile and Desktop MoSIP clients.

On top of all these solutions, we provide 24/7 multi-lingual support all round the year.
Website: http://www.voxvalley.com/
Phone: +91 40 2354 0882, +91 40 4020 0617
Mail: sales@voxvalley.com

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FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/voxvalley.technologies
Twitter: https://twitter.com/voxvalley
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