web-driven SIP softphone Doddle

I have launched (November 2008) a free VoIP service that is a web-driven SIP phone
It’s called Doddle webphone - Free Online webphone.
With that service you can use your favorite SIP community / provider settings to make VoIP calls directly from the web page.

Address: http://www.doddlephone.com
Address: http://www.doddling.com

You can embed google doddle gadget on your own webpage or blog and allow your readers to make phone calls from there adding telephone feature to your site.

A kind of click2call:

You can create a web phone HTML link to call directly from the webpage, for instance, a bookmark: (substitute parameters with those of your VoIP provider values):

HTML code example:

<iframe src="http://www.doddling.com/doddle/embed/doddleEmbedded.jsp?sipserver=SERVER&username=USER"
width="243" height="375" scrolling="no" frameborder="0">

<a href="http://www.doddling.com/doddle/embed/doddleEmbedded.jsp?sipserver=SERVER&username=USER" target="_blank">my VoIP Provider bookmark</a>

Or let other users to call you from web:
<a href="http://doddling.com/endoddle.jsp?sipserver=myServer&siprealm=myRealm&callto=MyPhone" target="_blank">Contact me with MyVoIP Provider</a>

In my personal case I have:
My VoIP bookmark

click to call me

Obviously you can use your favorite VoIP Provider to build those links .


- Windows
- Linux
- MAC OS X (beta)



Supported Codecs:

G.711 and GSM

Other Features:

VPN support
Server Side Integration, Web Services, etc

Click here to go to my website

Doddle SIP WebPhone

A very similar software (java applet web phone) is offered by mizutech: webphone
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