If you are new to Asterisk or developer of SOHO PBX's, it is more than likely that you will want to connect to an existing, traditional, phone line.

To to this, you need a FXO.

The most common, lowest cost, FXO is the X100P 'clone'. In many cases this is no more than a converted modem, with varying degrees of quality. In Europe, it can be difficult to get any FXO, let alone anything of quality! x100p.eu was created to develop, souce and supply a good quality FXO to noobies and developers alike. The result of this is the AX100P.

What is an AX100P?

From playing with Asterisk to running a live server, we have worked with several FXO's from many sources. As mentioned, we have found the quality of these extremely variable, so wanted to either find or develop something that would simply do the job required. We also noticed, from our own experience and forums/messageboards, that most people use a FXO to simply introduce an incoming call to Asterisk. The call would then be answered by either a softphone or IP phone. Outgoing calls would also tend to be routed via VOIP and the analogue line would act as a fallback. We did not see any real use for the FXS port, as Asterisk leaps users into IP hard and soft phone's (although there is a market)! Therefore, we decided on getting a dedicated FXO - our AX100P is the outcome. Being a single function item, it performs more efficiently and offers fantastic call quality, with no/minimal echo.

We would also like x100p.eu to be a pool of information about getting FXO's working in your setup.

For more information, please visit us http://www.x100p.eu

27th November 2006
The site has been revamped and we now offer a range of VOIP hand sets and accessories!
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