Zope Asterisk Objects

This product allows Zope to connect to and manage an Asterisk PBX.


Zope is an open-source web-application server based on the Python programming language. Zope provides a fully component oriented approach to building web-applications.

We are still at a very early stage of development, so there is not much to show. For better results you might want to obtain the very latest version of this package from my SVN repository.

Current Features:

  • Provides non TTW access to the Manager API.
  • Provides TTW access to the PBX Status
  • Provides an interactive console, and TTW support for issuing console commands and recieving replies.
  • Provide detailed info about an extension or a channel.
  • A handy feature that provides documentation for the API within the management interface.

Currently Implementing:

  • A management screen that will provide the status of all IAX2 peers.
  • A management screen that will list out all extensions in a context.
  • A management screen that will allow the user to berowse contexts.
  • The ability to originate, hangup and modify channels.

Patches, comments and offers of advice or assistance are welcome.

This project is in early development. It is not stable. Please use the latest version of the project from subversion. To check out the project, type:

svn co http://svn.chalfont.stodge.org/ztrixProduct/trunk/ztrixProduct/

Created by: salimfadhley, Last modification: Tue 05 of Oct, 2004 (23:29 UTC)
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