zapappi - Cloud FastAGI Platform

zapappi is an exciting new cloud platform for developing telephony application. Think elastic cloud for telephony with kickass open source framework support!
You write the application, we connect it to the phone network.

There's no need to worry about connecting your application to an asterisk server, a sip provider or how you will scale your application, zapappi does all that for you.

  • Sign-up and get a free developer account, for life
  • Use existing FastAGI applications you've written with zapappi
  • Take advantage of our additional features such as TTS and STT
  • Easy and safe billing via debit/credit card or Direct Debit (UK)
  • Additional extensions to FastAGI to allow you to upload and download audio files
  • Full set of Web APIs that will allow you to manage your application remotely
  • Many more exciting new features yet to be announced

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Created by: skrusty, Last modification: Mon 28 of Oct, 2013 (10:25 UTC)
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