Zaptel on Solaris (zaptel-solaris)

Yes, I have Zaptel working on Solaris!

dev2-root-4: modinfo | grep zap
237 781c8000 33513 231 1 zaptel (Zapata Telephony Interface)

dev2-root-5: uname -a
SunOS dev2 5.9 Generic_117171-07 sun4u sparc SUNW,Sun-Blade-100

You can find a snapshot of my code at

This is my first ever Solaris device driver, so I need any help I can get!

  • tar -xzvf zaptel-solaris.tar.gz
  • cd zaptel-solaris
  • make

You should now have zaptel and ztdummy modules built.

To make zaptel work, you'll also need to do:

  • echo "type=ddi_zaptel<tab>zap/\M0" >> /etc/
(remember to replace <tab> with a tab character)


  • make install

That'll give you the zaptel module.It also installs ztdummy, which works, but the timing is all wrong.

Hopefully, "modinfo" show now show the zaptel module loaded, and you'll have some devices in /etc/zap/

The wcte11xp driver 'works' for me. It can keep an E1 PRI up to a linux box with another wcte11xp card for many hours. However, it does chew 100% of CPU in kernel time. This really needs debugging, but I don't know where to start fixing this. You can install this with "make installte11xp"

You will also find basic ports of wctdm and wcfxo, but both of these kernel panic my box when I load them. The panic happens when the driver tries to talk to the PCI card. I could *really* do with some help debugging this.

If you can help, or have any suggestions, please email me -
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