zaptelBRI NT mode installation



Important: the definition of the Mode (NT or TE) is quite similar like if you had multiple single-BRI HFC Cards. You also have to use binary notation, but the parameter for the qozap.o (qozap.ko for Kernel 2.6) is called ports and not modes.

example for the binary notation:
Add the numbers for the ports you want to have in NT Mode (TE = default = 0)
Port 0: 1 - we want NT -> 1
Port 1: 2 - we want TE -> 0
Port 2: 4 - we want TE -> 0
Port 3: 8 - we want NT -> 8
Total is 9.

loading the drivers (quadBRI):

cd qozap
modprobe zaptel
insmod qozap.o ports=9 ((for kernel 2.4)
insmod qozap.ko ports=9 (for kernel 2.6)
ztcfg -v

Now have a look at your /var/log/messages:
You should find something like
qozap: S/T ports: 4 [ NT TE TE NT ]

You can also control the config by starting zttool
Created by: Daniel, Last modification: Mon 15 of Nov, 2004 (17:24 UTC)
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