zaptelBRI TE mode installation

For Asterisk 0.7.2 and bri-stuff.0.0.2rc10 (Note: only use the newest version, currently rc14):

Added note (Alf, 2004/04/21) :

For bri-stuff.0.0.2rc20a, use the following versions :
Asterisk 0.9.0
cvs co -D 2004/03/29 libpri
cvs co -D 2004/03/29 zaptel

Added note (Alf, 2004/05/18) :

For bri-stuff-0.0.2 (final), use :

cvs -z9 co -r v1-0_stable asterisk
cvs -z9 co -D "2004/05/05" zaptel
cvs -z9 co -D "2004/04/17" libpri

Added note (Alf, 2004/09/09) :

For bri-stuff-0.1.0-RC4a, use :

cvs -z9 co -D '2004/08/21 21:34:58' asterisk libpri zaptel

Take a fresh asterisk-0.7.2 from:

Download zaptel CVS of 02/01/04:
cvs co -D 02/01/04 zaptel

Download libpri;
cvs co -D 12/02/04 libpri

2. Download the bri-stuff driver from:

2. Apply the patches:

3. Compile and install zaptel, libpri, asterisk
    "make; make install"
    note: zaptel needs crc_ccitt compiled as module

3a. Do a "make config" for start scripts

4. Edit the Makefile in the bri-stuff/qozap dir.
    "vim bri-stuff.0.0.2rc10/qozap/Makefile"

    Change the lines:
       ZAP=$(shell [ -f ../zaptel/zaptel.h ] && echo "-I../../zaptel")
       ZAP=$(shell [ -f ../zaptel/zaptel.h ] && echo "-I../zaptel")

       ZAP=$(shell [ -f ../../zaptel/zaptel.h ] && echo "-I../../zaptel")
       ZAP=$(shell [ -f ../../zaptel/zaptel.h ] && echo "-I../zaptel")

5. Compile and load qozap:
    "cd bri-stuff.0.0.2rc10/qozap/"
    "make load"

5a. Copy qozap.o to /lib/modules/<your_kernel>/misc/qozap.o (kernel 2.4)
      or copy qozap.ko to /lib/modules/<your_kernel>/misc/qozap.ko (kernel 2.6)

5b. Edit start script /etc/init.d/zaptel and change "insmod" to "modprobe"
     Add qozap to the lines MODULES and RMODULES
     MODULES="torisa tor2 wct4xxp wct1xxp wcfxo wcusb qozap"
     RMODULES="torisa tor2 wct4xxp wct1xxp wcfxo wcusb qozap"

6. Edit /etc/zaptel.conf and run "ztcfg -v -c /etc/zaptel.conf"

7. Edit /etc/asterisk/zapata.conf and start asterisk.

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