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Zultys has gained widespread recognition for rolling out highly integrated products that are incredibly easy to provision, easy to administer, and easy to use. Zultys removes the complexity of VoIP deployment, allowing businesses to focus on their core competence instead of spending weeks configuring voice applications on their their data network. Solutions from Zultys are well designed for streamlining the installation process, straight from the box. No complicated servers to configure, no highly specialized professional services to employ, and no third party gateways or software required for a fully functional enterprise solution.

Systems available from Zultys include the award winning MX250, MX1200, and MX30. These products are truly the first fully integrated IP PBX systems that are based on open standards. Each system can autonomously provide full PBX functionality enhanced with real time collaboration applications. Customers can cost effectively deploy an enterprise class VoIP platform for 5 to 10,000 users. These systems operate on real time embedded Linux and custom hardware, especially designed for robustness through continuous use.

Zultys offers a line of fully functional phones that provide businesses with choices of feature set and expenditure. Each phone provides a high degree of functionality, all in a well engineered business device. From the simple business phone to the highly integrated remote office phone, all operating on open standards, making them a great complement to any IP PBX deployment.

Zultys also provide a range of peripherals like gateways, battery power supplies, and Power over Ethernet switches. These items enhance the functionality of a VoIP deployment by assisting businesses to complete a fully redundant VoIP architecture.
Every product by Zultys is designed and manufactured to very high standards of quality and reliability for every country in which Zultys has sales presence. As a true global player, Zultys ensures that its products have worldwide compliance of rigid standards for safety, EMI, EMC, networking, and telecommunication. With highly trained channel partners in over 90 countries, a business operating worldwide can depend on the availability of quality support and services regardless of their location.

Return on Investment
The return on investment in Zultys products can be easily observed through many aspects of an enterprise. Streamline deployment and maintenance of these products provides little need for third party services. Intuitive interfaces means less time learning tools. Highly integrated features increase the productivity levels for both administrators and users. Scalability of systems provides room for growth regardless of a company's size. Finally, Zultys' adoption of open standards ensures interoperability of its products with other equipment, which gives a business choice in purchasing devices and services.

CERT® Advisory CA-2003-06
Zultys has tested its SIP products according to the PROTOS c07-sip test suite specified in "CERT® Advisory CA-2003-06 Multiple vulnerabilities in implementations of the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)." Zultys' products are not vulnerable.

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